Pizzeria, top-class grill and excellent cuisine! Which one to choose?

All our chefs cook everything right in front of your eyes as our huge kitchen stands right the middle of the Pachamama garden. Everything cooked and being cooked is there to see.

The Pachamama menu offers food cooked on its famous charcoal grill which turns out the best hamburgers in Tarifa and the most delicious, top-quality grilled meats. The wood-fired oven always burns at 400 °C and the result is top-of-the-shelf pizzas, handmade by real Italian pizza makers. The cuisine and chefs offer fresh fish dishes, fantastic starters and much more.

The Kitchen

Our kitchen and our chefs prepare different types of salads such as Cesar made with crispy bacon, croutons, homemade sauce and free-range chicken. For lovers of sweet and sour, we offer “ensalada campestre” (Spanish country style salad) with honey vinegar and grilled goat cheese.

We only serve top-quality fresh fish such as red tuna and swordfish. One of our specialties comes from Galician style octopus cooked by the famous Galician “Chef”. Cooking is finished off on the griddle and is served  with a delicious seaweed mayonnaise.

As our cuisine is truly International, we also offer a fantastic shrimp wok, made with fresh vegetables and Japanese noodles.

We also offer a special menu of vegan and vegetarian dishes along with gluten-free recipes so as everyone can enjoy a great meal at Pachamama.

The Grill

Our grill is handmade by expert craftsmen and is made of stainless steel and fire bricks. Two meters of steel bars and burning charcoal turn out the best hamburgers of Tarifa served with our really famous French fries.

We offer top-quality meat cuts like entrecote, fillet and delicious ribs.  The farmer we buy from is currently considered one of the best in the world and guarantees his meat through an amazing line of quality control. We fell in love with his philosophy which is based on how the animal breed is not really  fundamental but, more so, it is all about how it lived and what it was fed.

These are grass-fed cows that live for at least 7 years in the open air and in perfect climates and this leads to the tasty and unbeatable quality of the meat we serve.

 In Pachamama you can also try the Iberian pork cuts like the “Secreto” or the “Presa” with the denomination of origin “Jabugo”. Our pork ribs are really famous and they are smoked at low temperatures and finished off on the griddle in full North American style.

Pachamama fully endorses sustainability. Only free-range chicken is served.

In Tarifa, our grilled food has become the “IN“ thing so don’t miss out on it!

The Pizzeria

Water, flour and natural yeast, three very simple ingredients that can be turned into one of the most brilliant and delicious foods in gastronomic history.

Top it with sauce made from fresh tomato, fresh basil leaves and you’ll have a Margherita, the very first pizza ever made by the chef of Naples Raffaele Esposito for the first time in 1889 in honor of the Queen of Italy Margherita di Savoia. In Pachamama the pizza dough is made with Caputo flour which is brought over directly from Naples.

The method applied in making the pizza dough consists in stretch and fold high hydration and then leaving it 24 hours to rise and thanks to which we obtain a very light and soft pizza. The basic toppings such as mozzarella and tomato come directly from Naples, the Italian region of Campania, home to the original pizza.

Our wood-fired pizza oven always burns at 400 °C,  a temperature thanks to which the pizza takes around 50/70 seconds to cook. The ideal time for the perfect dough according to Neapolitan style pizza.